Viskon-Aire Corporation is a well-established manufacturer and marketer of disposable air filtration products. Using a variety of media, including polyester and fiberglass, Viskon-Aire produces a broad range of air filter products, configurations, and efficiencies. These products are primarily marketed to two industries – spray finish booths and commercial HVAC applications.

Viskon-Aire, formerly a part of Johnson & Johnson, is a pioneer and leader in spray finish booth filtration products. The wide range of filters are used by companies producing a vast array of finished products including automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles, office equipment, furniture, aircraft and an assortment of other industrial and consumer items. Viskon-Aire’s products are found in General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes, and BMW plants, as well as plants of other industrial leaders.

Viskon-Aire is now part of the Rensa Filtration family of companies. Rensa invests in innovation and the people that drive it, to manufacture and market best-in-class solutions that keep environments safe and industries thriving.