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Series 640
Series 640 
Series 640 3 ply filter



Pressure Drop

Dust Holding

Series 152


0.29 in.w.g.

128 g

Series 153


0.34 in.w.g.

150 g

Series 154


0.28 in.w.g.

205 g

Series 640



0.36 in.w.g.

210 g

The 3 stage filter is 100% non-shedding organic synthetic microfiber constructed with multilayered progressive density media. The filter is constructed for higher efficiency and dust holding capacity with the coarser 40 denier fibers on the air entering side and the finer 6 denier fibers on the air leaving side. The filter is coated with Viskon-Aire® PBT-32™ to provide a non-migrating encapsulating tackifier to ensure positive dust holding capacity. The filter shall be constructed with an internal wire frame with a minimum of two internal cross supports welded into the frame ring for strength and stability. The frame ring and cross supports will be corrosion resistant galvanized steel. The media will be thermally bonded on each side of an internal support and completely around the perimeter of the frame ring. The media will be oversized to provide a self-sealing edge around the periphery of the frame to provide a permanent seal and static fit to the filter housing and prevent any filter bypass.



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