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Prep Stations

The function of a prep station is to provide a clean working environment for preparing a car for painting and to prevent sanding and grinding dust from contaminating the whole shop.

The prep station works by circulating air down over the car, through a grating in the floor under the car, back through a filter system and over the car again.

Overhead pads(1) are located in the section of the prep station over the car. Their function is to spread the air flow evenly over the entire car, and to filter out any dirt particles that may get past the primary filters. Depending on the make of the prep station either Viskon-Aire's T-700/G, VR-1 or Series 55 filters are used. These filters and filter pads stop all particles capable of causing paint defects but have different air flow characteristics.

The undergrate roll(2) is located under the grates in the floor and collect grinding and sanding dust, primer and paint overspray and keep the primary filters clean. Viskon-Aire XHD, 107X or SG-15 fiberglass paint arrestors are recommended.  In addition, the PS polyester paint arrestor can also be used.

The primary (pre-filter) filters(3) are located in the main housing of the prep station and keep the air flowing to the overhead pads clean of all dirt particles that may cause paint defects. Primary filters can be bags, panels or pads. Viskon-Aire extended surface filters are used in this area, call for the correct size and efficiency for your Prep Station.

Prep Stations
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