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Exceptional Filters for Exceptional Finishes

Viskon-Aire, the leader in paint booth filter products, manufactures filters for all styles of Crossdraft, Downdraft, Prep Station and Exhaust Booths. We have the best filters for intake, ceiling, prefilters, extraction and paint exhaust. Our unique PBT-32 Tackifier never unloads or dries out, ensuring the highest quality paint job possible. Our filters are also waterborne compatible.

Intake filters are as important to a great paint job as the booth itself. The intake filters are the primary defense against foreign particles landing on the painting surface. Any particle larger than 10 microns can cause a defect on a paint job.

Exhaust filters play an important role in maintaining proper air flow balance, increasing cleanliness of exhaust stacks, reducing maintenance of the exhaust system, and controlling V.O.C. emissions. The purpose of any exhaust filter is to capture over-spray particles and remove them from the airstream as air is removed or recirculated back into the booth.

The Air Guardian is a revolutionary point of use desiccant air dryer that will set the standard in the paint industry. It is an integrated unit that has a color changing moisture indicator, particulate and coalescing filter and no maintenance. Once the moisture indicator changes color, throw the whole unit away and replace with a new one!

Viskon-Aire sells paint booth filters through a network of independent representatives and stocking warehouses.

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