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The two major functions of the crossdraft spraybooth are to provide a clean working environment so the painter can achieve high quality finishes and to ensure that paint overspray is efficiently removed from the painting area while painting is in progress.

The crossdraft spraybooth works by drawing air horizontally over the object to be painted. Air is drawn directly from the shop environment through filters located within the doors. These filters are known as intake filters(1). You should note, however, that some crossdraft spraybooths incorporate air make up systems which draw air directly from above the roof, rather than through the shop. In this case, you would find solid doors on the booth, and would find the intake filters(1) on the immediate left and right hand sides of the booth as you enter. Paint overspray is exhausted through exhaust filters(2) or what are known as paint arrestors.

The major function of the intake filters(1) is to efficiently remove dirt particles from entering the spraybooth. Viskon-Aire* filters in this application would be either panel filters or blanket filter media used in the Ziplock™ filter system. Panel filters used in crossdraft spraybooths include the VR-1, Series 55 and Series 45. All of these filters are self sealing which eliminates air by-pass around the filter. Blanket filters used in the Ziplock™ filter system would include the Series #990.

The major function of the exhaust filters(2) is to efficiently remove paint particles as they are exhausted through the paint arrestors, up through the exhaust stack(3). The paint arrestors limit the amount of paint overspray buildup on the exhaust fan as well as the exhaust stack(3). The paint arrestors can be found directly in back of the spraybooth. Viskon-Aire* fiberglass paint arrestors are the XHD (22 gram weight), 107X (18 gram weight) and SG-15 (15 gram weight).  Viskon-Aire* also offers a polyester paint arrestors, the PS Paint Arrestor.

Both intake filters(1) and paint arrestors(2) should be changed on a regular basis to ensure high quality finishes, however, you should not leave this up to guess work simply because the filters look dirty or discolored. Draft gauges will indicate when intake filters(1) and paint arrestors(2) are fully loaded and need to be changed. Consult the spraybooth manufacturer for proper installation of these gauges.

Some helpful hints for quality finishes are: run spraybooth several minutes before painting; wash down booth; ground car to eliminate static electricity; wear non-linting coveralls while painting; tack down the car before painting; the front of the car should face the air flow of the spraybooth; all joints and cracks should be properly caulked; ensure properly maintained door gaskets; filter incoming compressed air; ensure that hoses and spray gun are dirt free; mix paint properly – and strain.

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